While i ranted about the label thing earlier, i got really mad, i dont hate those words that much, they just make me feel anxious some timew, feel free to use them if you feel identified with them, cause i still use them anyways, even to describe myself sometimes… Yeah im such a hypocrit

So i am pretty bored and i feel like doing some ranting about the every-now-and-then-nice-yet-most-of-the-time-shitty society we find our selves in. Let me begin with a small introduction to what i am going to be ranting about. Even though no one really knows why, the human species has a tendency of labeling everything, we label other species, we label objects, cars, hell we even label ourselves! Now most of this labels are essencial for our comunication, but there are some other labels much less usefull. There is this one thing about people we label a lot and give way to much importance, and that is sexuality.
What we also refer to as sexual preference is nothing more than that, a preference, now im not saying that everyone is bi, that is a whole other thing that i will rant about some other day, what im saying is, why do we give such importance to something so… Unimportant? Do we label people on wether they prefer cats or dogs? Before you break your brain trying to know, no, we do not, because it would be dumb. So what is the difference with genders? See the reason i am so angry at this is becuse i have spent the last 10 months of my life trying to figure out what fucking label fit be best, to finally wake up and realize how dumb i was and say fuck it and just literally go with the flow. Now i have reached a coclusion than makes me very happy, and that is that i will no longer worry about labels and just fall in love or feel atracted to whoever starts those feelings in me, but i still get angry at the fact that this society of dumbasses has made me waste 10 months of my young having stress and anxiety over such dumb shit. Because as soon as you reach a pretty reasonable age, you are tought of this three types of people, you can be either straight (aka normal), bi (aka horny ass) or gay (aka weirdo), and let me tell you that is some stinky bullshit, not just because some motherfucker said those were the only options it means its true, i know that out of the little ammount of ppl who actually read this, most will think im dumb, and that there really is no other option, but i myself, considered bi sexual in the eyes of society, feel in no way identified with any of those labels, i dont like men i dont like women i dont like both, i like people, i like kind, sympathetic, deep, smart, emotional PEOPLE, I like humanity, and if you cant understand that, then i hope you live a very happy ignorant life, and put that ‘ignorance is bliss’ filosofy up your anus.